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Excel & Financial Modelling Combo

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Language: Mixture of English & Hindi

Validity Period: 365 days

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Excel & Financial Modelling Combo

Learn Financial Modelling and MS-Excel

  •  Trusted By More Than 15000 Students Across India
  • Unlimited Access To 280+ Pre-Recorded Video Classes
  • 400+ MCQ Based Evaluation Assignments
  • 24x7 Discussion Forum and Doubt Support By Experts & Trainers
  • Exclusive Interviews With Corporate Professionals From Top Companies
  • Real MS-Excel Based Working Templates For Hands-On Practice
  • Taught In Hindi and English Language
  • Rated 4.9 By Students
  • Certificate of Completion (Verify your certificate- )

We are living in truly disruptive times. Thanks to rapidly changing technology, and highly dynamic customer needs, companies are looking for individuals who far beyond their academic background and are able to glisten, synthesize, and articulate their analysis on MS-Excel to make large scale and tough decisions on Finance.

With the help of Financial Modelling and MS-Excel, you equip yourself with 2 leading and cutting edge tools that have paved the way for financial professionals to scale up the corporate ladder and add tremendous value to any organization they have worked for.

We have priced it so LOW for a limited period of time that we wouldn’t call it anything less than a steal.

So hop in on this exciting journey with Neeraj Arora & Agrika Khatri and explore a side of Finance that will push you, motivate you, and above all - practically orient you to the inner workings of Financial Modelling and MS-Excel.

What Will I Learn in MS-Excel?

  • How To Personalise MS-Excel: You Will Learn How To Use Ribbons & Tabs Customisation
  • How To Make Highly Organised & Beautiful Spreadsheets: Borders, Shades, Cell Customization, Text Wrap, Format Painter, Hiding & Freezing Cell Elements
  •  Advance Keyboards Shortcuts : Cool Keyboard Shortcuts To Never Think About Using That Mouse Again
  • COUNT & IF Functions using logical operators (>,<,<>,=) and Wildcards
  • Date/Time Functions - Syntax, Parameters & Arguments To Validate Your Data & Keep Your Records up-to-date ;)
  • Auto-Fill, Custom AutoFill → These Fill features eliminate manual typing by guessing what you’re going to write.
  • Lookup Functions → Vertical & Horizontal Lookups. Vector & Array Form
  •  All About Tables  → Awesome features of Tables, Contextual Table Tools, Structured Referencing, Filters, Slicers
  • Power Queries → Power Query Editor, Build Data Connections
  • Pivot Table → Calculate, summarize, and analyze data. See comparisons, patterns, and trends in data.
  • Charts → Visualize data graphically. Analyse trends and patterns in data sets.
  • Conditional Formatting → Conditional Formatting Rule, Using Presets, detect critical issues.

What Will I Learn In Financial Modelling?

  • How to extract financial statements and annual reports from various online sources (in the public domain)?
  • How to perform competitive financial statement analysis, business and industry analysis to synthesize corporate and business insights?
  • How to analyze a company’s performance by calculating and interpreting liquidity, solvency, profitability and widely-recognized growth ratios?
  • How to design and forecast a company’s profit and loss position, cash flow projects, and balance sheet templates
  • What are the various approaches to stock/business valuation and how to apply them in any business context? 
  • How to structure Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Relative Valuation (Trading Combinations), Net Asset Value (NAV) models with practical caselets and detailed resources including worksheets, footnotes, and excel files. 
  • How to assess whether a project is operationally and financially viable through various capital budgeting techniques and net present value(NPV) models 
  • We will also be taking unique examples from various sectors like Oil & Gas, Banking, Consultancy, etc, and encourage you to participate in discussion forums to throw light on your approach to a given set of problems. 
  • It’s an interactive community of financial enthusiasts who are ready to tackle the bravest of situations in their upcoming jobs and careers.

Know Your Trainer: Neeraj Arora (Co-Founder: Edu91 - India’s Largest Community For CA & Finance Professionals)

Neeraj Arora is a trusted and household name in the CA fraternity. He is regarded as one of the top faculties to teach the subjects of Income Tax, Strategic Management, Auditing and Assurance, and GST.

A teacher by passion, and an entrepreneur by profession, Neeraj Sir is committed to spreading the guiding principles of Financial Atmanirbharta (Financial Independence) and has shared more than 1,200 videos on YouTube with more than 7 Lakh Subscribers on his main channel - Neeraj Arora.

An avid investor and forever a learner, Neeraj sir has touched the lives of more than 1 million people through his YouTube Channels such as:

  • Excel For Beginners (2.08 Lakh Subscribers)
  • Fin91 (3.74 Lakh Subscribers)

Know Your Trainer - Agrika Khatri

Agrika is a Qualified Chartered Account (CA) and B.Com with 5 years of diversified experience in Business Valuation, Due Diligence, Financial Modelling, & Auditing and Assurance

She has consulted and advised several companies in the transaction advisory space from all around the world

Taught 2500+ students on Valuation, Financial Modelling and other Financial Courses in India

Need More Reasons? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is this course so cheap? Must be low quality na? Are you hiding something?

Skill91 is committed to provide the best quality content at the lowest possible cost so that everyone can benefit from this knowledge and get ahead in this career. We believe that knowledge should be made accessible to everyone.

The cost that we are charging is only to give you a sense of ownership about this product and to take this seriously. Sure, you can find the same content on YouTube also and we encourage you to learn from anywhere.

But, keeping in mind the costs of our trainers, and the cost of maintaining this platform - we are charging this small fee so that you can learn and enjoy these features 24x7.

What if I am unable to cope up? How can I be sure that this course is right for me?

We understand that not everybody will move at the same pace. Some people will complete the course earlier, whereas others will need extra help.

Don’t worry. Every video comes with a dedicated discussion forum wherein you can ask specific questions on a particular topic that you don’t understand.

Our experts will guide you through that query and will be there to support you whenever you are stuck.

You are free to ask questions as many times as you want. Our mentors are there to help you on 24x7 Discussion Forum and Doubt Support.

Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to pay anything extra upon enrollment?

The cost that you see above includes:

  • Unlimited Access To Videos From Upto 6 Devices (Including Our Android and iOS Mobile Apps)
  • Unlimited Access To 24x7 Discussion Forum & Doubt Support
  • Unlimited Access To MCQ Based Evaluation & Assignments
  • Unlimited Access To All Templates, Workbooks, and Spreadsheets
  • 365 Days Of Validity
  • No Hidden Charges. No Extra Costs. No Nonsense
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