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Learn MS-Excel With Neeraj Arora (Go From Zero To Hero In MS-Excel With The Most Comprehensive Course Ever!)


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Do you want to get A Job In Big 4s / Top Companies but do not have the confidence?

Do you want to get promoted at your current job but lack necessary skills?

Do you want to Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Intermediate?

Do you want to impress your boss by unlocking dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP functions, Charts etc.?

Do you want to create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables

You understand that Excel is crucial for your career growth but don’t know how to get started

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you are invited to become part of “EXCEL CLUB” to conquer your Career Growth!

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the feedback I have received from students.

Still not sure if this course will help you?

Our students work in MNCs & Top Firms like EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte where they’re adding immense value by leveraging the super power of MS-Excel. Not only this they’re growing their client's business through dynamic analysis, meaningful insights, and high performance decision making.

You will receive the following POWERHOUSE of content.


155+ Recorded Videos & 20+ Hours Worth Content

24*7 Discussion Forum

Ask Your Doubts Anytime & Get Solutions by Experts/Trainer

Multiple Devices

Access Your Classes From Multiple Devices: Android, IOS, Windows.

Unlimited Views

Watch the lectures anytime, anywhere you want without limitation on views.

Certificate of Completion

100% Authentic & e-Verified Certificate of Completion with Linkedin Certificate Integration.

Test & Quizzes

Check Your Knowledge By Giving Interactive MCQ Based Test

Topics That You Will Learn

Learn MS-Excel With Neeraj Arora
(Go From Zero To Hero In Corporate Finance With The Most Comprehensive Program Ever!)

Advanced Excel For
Corporate Finance

Level up your Excel game and prepare yourself for exciting roles in the arenas of Investment Banking, Financial Planning, Corporate Development

Financial Analysis Setup

We'll learn about Page-Break Preview, Worksheet Permissions, Tracing Precedents & Dependents, Extracting Live Stock Data, & Introduction To Financial Modelling

Lookup Functions

Learn how you can use lookup functions and arrays to quickly segment useful information from a complicated data set in SECONDS!

Conditional Formatting

Automatically format rows and columns in your table by setting easy-to-implement conditions to chalk out anomalies, dangers, warnings, and recent trends.

Pivot Table

Calculate, summarise and analyse data. See comparisons, patterns, and trends in data. Make faster decisions without using complicated formulas and conditions.

Auto-Fill, Custom AutoFill

Learn how you can avoid filling up redundant data and automate your data points based on logical conditions and save a lot of time.

COUNT & IF Functions

Run advanced logical tests in difficult circumstances and generate meaningful data within seconds

Power Queries

Analyse your data like a boss! Connect multiple sources, spreadsheets, and softwares to refine, analyse, and make useful decisions from MS-Excel.

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Google Sheets Course

So you thought this program was just about EXCEL? Not even close! Level Up your Google Sheet Game and prepare yourself for exciting roles.

Excel For Personal Finance

Learn the tricks of the trade and manage your finances like a pro!

Financial Analysis Setup

Immersive yourself in preparing and navigating through the most unique workflow functions that help Auditors, Managers and Professionals

Introduction To Corporate Finance

Get complete and detailed knowledge series on Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Markets, Players, Strategies, Enterprise v/s Equity Value

Advanced Excel For Corporate Finance

Learn advanced formulas and functions for enhanced decision making including: Date & Time Periods (IF Statements), Dynamic Total Averages, Scenario Building with VLOOKUP & CHOOSE, Dynamic Output, Goal Seeking, and more!

Financial Modelling Demo & Walkthrough

Get a fully-functional and 100% Practical demo. You will be shown a quick demo of how this analysis is carried out over the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

Time is Running Out. Grab Your Spot Fast

Despite not being the first,
you are unquestionably the SMART one.

9600+ Members From Top Companies and Students/Freshers Have Joined this Club to Enhance Their Skills.😍

Know Your Instructor- NEERAJ ARORA

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Neeraj Arora is a trusted & a household name in the CA fraternity. He is regarded as one of the top faculties for the subjects of Income Tax, Strategic Management, Auditing and Assurance, and GST. An avid investor and a forever learner, Neeraj sir has touched the lives of more than 1 million people through his social media presence:

A Teacher by passion, and an Entrepreneur by Profession, Neeraj Sir is committed to spreading the guiding principles of Financial AtmaNirbharta (Financial Independence) and has shared more than 2,600 videos on YouTube with more than 7.8 Lakhs Subscribers on his main channel - Neeraj Arora.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1- Is EXCEL skill in demand

Irrespective of your level and academic qualification, Excel skills have become one of the most highly sought after for finance and accounts professionals today. Good news for candidates is that there is a short supply and huge demand.

2- What are the career prospects after learning excel?

There is a wide range of opportunities and roles available after the completion of this course. To name a few - Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Retail Manager, Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analyst and the list goes on.

3- How do I get support for any queries? How many queries can I ask?

You get access to the financial modelling discussion forum wherein you can connect with your peers and with the mentors. Doubt resolution time is usually less than 24 hours. We are giving you COMPLETE doubt support and you are free to ask your queries an UNLIMITED number of times.

4- I know very little about basic Excel, can I still enrol for this course?

Within the course, we have stressed enough on Excel finance functions so no need to worry. However, if you find some trouble catching up you can always clear it out on the discussion forum. Our trainers and moderators are there to help you.

5- Will I get a certificate?

Yes. After completing the course and mandatory test with at least 55% marks, you can apply for the certificate.

6- How long do I get access to the course?

You will get access to the course for one year.

7- Can I access the course from more than one Device?

Yes you can. Whether it's your desktop at work or your own personal Windows, Android or IOS, you can access your course from all of the Devices..

8- How many views I will get?

You will get an unlimited number of views. There is no limitation on views.

9- Why is this course so cheap? Must be low quality na? Are you hiding something?

Skill91 is committed to provide the best quality content at the lowest possible cost so that everyone can benefit from this knowledge and get ahead in this career. We believe that knowledge should be made accessible to everyone.

The cost that we are charging is only to give you a sense of ownership about this product and to take this seriously. Sure, you can find the same content on YouTube also and we encourage you to learn from anywhere.

But, keeping in mind the costs of our trainers, and the cost of maintaining this platform - we are charging this small fee so that you can learn and enjoy these features 24x7.

10- What if I am unable to cope up? How can I be sure that this course is right for me?

We understand that not everybody will move at the same pace. Some people will complete the course earlier, whereas others will need extra help.

Don’t worry. Every video comes with a dedicated discussion forum wherein you can ask specific questions on a particular topic that you don’t understand.

Our experts will guide you through that query and will be there to support you whenever you are stuck.

You are free to ask questions as many times as you want. Our mentors are there to help you on 24x7 Discussion Forum and Doubt Support.

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