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The Best MS-Excel Course At Super Affordable Price Trusted By 14700+ Students.

Available Exclusively on Skill91. 

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Instructor: Neeraj Arora

Language: Mix of Hindi and English

Enrolled Learners: 15093

Validity Period: 365 days

₹9000 88% OFF

₹999 including 18% GST


 Learn MS-Excel With Neeraj Arora (Go From Zero To Hero In Corporate Finance With The Most Comprehensive Program Ever!)

Also Get FREE Bonus Modules Of Excel For Corporate & Personal Finance

That's Not All! Also Get Google Sheets Course For Absolutely FREE with Every Purchase Of Excel Club

  • Trusted By 14700+ Students
  • You will learn not just basic MS-Excel, but also get professional insights into Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Professional Workflows, etc
  • Unlimited Access To 155+ Pre-Recorded Video Classes In Core Modules & Recently Updated Bonus Modules
  • Bonus Module 1: Google Sheets Course is included in the course at NO EXTRA COST
  • Bonus Module 2: Excel For Personal Finance
  • Bonus Module 3: Financial Analysis Setup
  • Bonus Module 4: Introduction To Corporate Finance
  • Bonus Module 5: Advanced Excel For Corporate Finance
  • Bonus Module 6: Financial Modelling Demo & Walkthrough
  • 380+ MCQ Based Evaluation Assignments
  • 24x7 Discussion Forum and Doubt Support By Experts & Trainers
  • Access From Multiple Devices (Android, iOS, Web)
  • Taught In Hindi and English Language
  • Rated 4.9 By Students Across India
  • Certificate of Completion (Verify your certificate- )
  • Certificate Of Completion - You will have to appear an exam and score 55% in that exam to get the certificate.
  • You will only get 4 attempts to appear for the exam only.

Cmon! Another Excel Course? 

We get it. Everybody is trying to teach you MS-Excel and no course has solved the purpose right? Most of the time you feel lost because nobody is giving you real actionable stuff and most of it seems too theoretical.

And to make matters worse, you often find yourself watching videos that are designed by theorists in the west which have no correlation with the kind of work that is done in India. I mean cmon! that stuff just doesn't work here

But, there must be an easier way, right? We heard from you.

In this masterclass by Neeraj Arora sir, we will be taking you through an entire journey full of edutainment with MS-Excel.

Every single important feature will be covered in simple and easy to understand language along with practical examples and working templates to get your hands dirty as you jump on this journey with us. 

What’s more? You have access to a special 24x7 discussion forum where you can ask all your doubts and get answers from expert trainers who are there to help you every step of the way. 


What Will I Learn? (Sikhaoge Kya?)

  • How To Personalise MS-Excel: You Will Learn How To Use Ribbons & Tabs Customisation
  • How To Make Highly Organised & Beautiful Spreadsheets: Borders, Shades, Cell Customization, Text Wrap, Format Painter, Hiding & Freezing Cell Elements
  • Advanced Keyboards Shortcuts: Cool Keyboard Shortcuts To Never Think About Using That Mouse Again
  • COUNT & IF Functions using logical operators (>,<,<>,=) and Wildcards: Run advanced logical tests in difficult circumstances and generate meaningful data within seconds
  • Advanced Date/Time Functions - Syntax, Parameters & Arguments To Validate Your Data & Keep Your Records up-to-date. These features also help you to dynamically modify/update your data based on changes in dates.
  • Auto-Fill, Custom AutoFill Learn how you can avoid filling up redundant data and automate your data points based on logical conditions and save a lot of time.
  • Lookup Functions Learn how you can use lookup functions and arrays to quickly segment useful information from a complicated data set in SECONDS! This tool is required in virtually all kinds of industries and work profiles.
  • All About Tables Awesome features of Tables, Contextual Table Tools, Structured Referencing, Filters, Slicers
  • Power Queries → Analyse your data like a boss! Connect multiple sources, spreadsheets, and softwares to refine, analyse, and make useful decisions from MS-Excel.
  • Pivot Table Calculate, summarize and analyze data. See comparisons, patterns, and trends in data. Make faster decisions without using complicated formulas and conditions.
  • ChartsLearn how you can make beautiful graphics and charts including histograms, bar graphs, diagrams and more to uncover useful features of your data and create a solid impact on your recruiter/client
  • Conditional Formatting → Automatically format rows and columns in your table by setting easy-to-implement conditions to chalk out anamolies, dangers, warnings, and recent trends.
  • Excel For Personal Finance: Learn the tricks of the trade and manage your finances like a pro! In this BONUS Module you will learn several important techniques that will help you immensely in your life such as How To Calculate Your EMIs, Cumulative Payments Between Periods, Compounding Frequencies, Future Cash Flows, MIRR, XRR, IRR, and more!
  • Financial Analysis Setup: Immersive yourself in preparing and navigating through the most unique workflow functions that help Auditors, Managers, and Future Accounting Professionals to zip through the most daunting tasks in MS-Excel with ease. We'll learn about Page-Break Preview, Worksheet Permissions, Tracing Precedents & Dependents, Extracting Live Stock Data, & Introduction To Financial Modelling
  • Advanced Excel For Corporate Finance: Level up your Excel game and prepare yourself for exciting roles in the arenas of Investment Banking, Financial Planning, Corporate Development & Crisis Management. Learn advanced formulas and functions for enhanced decision making including:  Date & Time Periods (IF Statements), Dynamic Total Averages, Scenario Building with VLOOKUP & CHOOSE, Dynamic Output, Goal Seeking, and more!
  • Introduction To Corporate Finance: So you thought this program was just about EXCEL? Not even close! Get complete and detailed knowledge series on Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Markets, Players, Strategies, Enterprise v/s Equity Value, and a close walkthrough on how  you can start your career in this exciting field with rewarding career paths including: Investment Banking, Capital Investments, Capital Financing, etc.
  • Financial Modelling Demo: Get a fully-functional and 100% Practical demo of a 3-statement Financial Model and how companies engaged in the world of Corporate Finance use this model to make difficult decisions which directly impact the growth of their clients and customers spread across the world. You will be shown a quick demo of how this analysis is carried over Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
  • No. of Hours: 20+ hours Approx


Who Should Enroll In The Excel Club? (Sachi Sachi Batao!)

Fun Fact: 90% of the people who come to this page, believe that this is not for them and walk away.

Funnier Fact: The 10% who buy and finish the course start loving MS-Excel and excel in their careers (literally!)

Now the choice is YOURS. It doesn't matter what your professional or academic background is, Excel Club is for everyone!

If you have been struggling with MS-Excel for quite some time and need guidance on how to ACTUALLY work on MS-Excel through a community that will help you every step of the way, then this might be the best choice for you.

The course is designed in extremely simple language and presentation that anyone can begin to start learning and get up-to-speed on MS-Excel.

More than 14700 people have placed their trust in us in becoming Excel Warriors! 🔥

Are you ready?


Yes! You heard it right. Several of our students who have completed Excel Club program are currently working in various managerial capacities at Big4s and Top Corporates of India.

You will find a lot of our students working in EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, etc and continuously add value by leveraging the super power of MS-Excel and growing their client's business through powerful analysis, meaningful insights, and high performance decision making.

Know Your Trainer: Neeraj Arora (Co-Founder: Edu91 - India’s Largest Community For CA & Finance Professionals)

Neeraj Arora (Co-Founder: EDU91, SKILL91 & LEARN91)

Neeraj Arora is a trusted and household name in the CA fraternity. He is regarded as one of the top faculties to teach the subjects of Auditing & Assurance, Strategic Management and Business & Technology.

A teacher by passion, and an entrepreneur by profession, Neeraj Sir is committed to spreading the guiding principles of Financial Atmanirbharta (Financial Independence) and has shared more than 3000 videos on YouTube with more than 8.5 Lakh Subscribers on his main Channel named Neeraj Arora-

An avid investor and forever a learner, Neeraj sir has touched the lives of more than 1 million people through his various Social Media Platforms-

Why is this course so cheap? Must be low quality na? Are you hiding something?

Skill91 is committed to providing the best quality content at the lowest possible cost so that everyone can benefit from this knowledge and get ahead in this career. We believe that knowledge should be made accessible to everyone. 

The cost that we are charging is only to give you a sense of ownership about this product and to take this seriously. Sure, you can find the same content on YouTube also and we encourage you to learn from anywhere.

But, keeping in mind the costs of our trainers, and the cost of maintaining this platform - we are charging this small fee so that you can learn and enjoy these features 24x7.

Why should I buy the Excel Club? Give me a few strong reasons

Before asking this question to us, ask yourself - how many courses will you take to finally master MS-Excel? 

How many videos on YouTube by foreigners will you watch and still get confused with even the basic understanding of MS-Excel? 

If you are unable to answer that question, let us answer that for you: Excel Club is enough to give you the best training on MS-Excel that will help you to not just master the basic to advanced features, but also show you how you can EXCEL in your upcoming job/internship/articleship

The choice is ultimately yours, we are just here to guide you.

What if I am unable to cope up? How can I be sure that this course is right for me?

We understand that not everybody will move at the same pace. Some people will complete the course earlier, whereas others will need extra help.

Don’t worry. Every video comes with a dedicated discussion forum wherein you can ask specific questions on a particular topic that you don’t understand

Our experts will guide you through that query and will be there to support you whenever you are stuck.

You are free to ask questions as many times as you want. Our mentors are there to help you on 24x7 Discussion Forum and Doubt Support.

Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to pay anything extra upon enrollment?

The cost that you see above includes:

  • Unlimited Access To Videos From Upto 6 Devices (Including Our Android and iOS Mobile Apps)
  • Unlimited Access To All Bonus Modules By Agrika Khatri 
  • Unlimited Access To 24x7 Discussion Forum & Doubt Support
  • Unlimited Access To MCQ Based Evaluation & Assignments
  • Unlimited Access To All Templates, Workbooks, and Spreadsheets
  • 365 Days Of Validity
  • No Hidden Charges. No Extra Costs. No Nonsense.


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