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PowerPoint Club by Agrika Khatri cover

PowerPoint Club by Agrika Khatri

Instructor: Agrika Khatri

Language: Mixture of Hindi & English

Enrolled Learners: 316

Validity Period: 365 days

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What’s this program all about and in what ways will it serve your purpose? 

Most people have used the basic functions of  PowerPoint program at some point in their education or career. They pick up the program for simple presentations, and to convey information through bullet points and images on various slides. But, let me tell you once you delve into the broader functionality of the program, you will be shocked to see how many purposes it can serve for you.


To make slide shows when a business wants to get the most attention of the audience, videos for clients and employees meet, to create engaging content for customers and investors in a cost-effective manner, to create brand style guides, visually appealing instructions manuals for the audience to flip through. Interesting photos or statistics can also help bring potential clients over to a business's booth. Not to miss, having good command on this skill will give you an edge over your teammates while creating compelling presentations in your organisation.

Hence having a detailed understanding of how to manipulate this program is a great advantage at work.

How will our “PowerPoint Club” help you?

This is a comprehensive course divided into small sections where you will master the software and learn insightful concepts & techniques about design, presentation & animation all applied within Microsoft PowerPoint

I have never used this program, will these lectures be tough for me to understand?

This course is beginner-friendly that is we start the course keeping in mind the inexperienced designers, who aspire to learn Microsoft PowerPoint for professional or private use. No matter if you want to add a new skill to your portfolio, create videos, impress at work or start being an online entrepreneur. If you have very little experience with the software or are a total beginner and this will be the first time you open the software - this is the right course for you!

After conquering the basic functionalities, what next?

Once you have a good command of basic features, we teach you best presentation practices and useful PowerPoint tricks. Video-by-video, you will find improvement in your workflow & design skills & the time you need to complete a high-quality presentation will get shortened.

It's your best shot at getting on the right track to becoming a pro in the quickest possible way!

About the instructor

Agrika is a Qualified Chartered Account (CA) and B.Com with 5 years of diversified experience in Business Valuation, Due Diligence, Financial Modelling, & Auditing and Assurance

She has consulted and advised several companies in the transaction advisory space from all around the world 

Taught 2500+ students on Valuation, Financial Modelling and other Financial Courses in India 

You can also follow her on her YouTube Channel for tips, tricks, advice for CA students to excel in the field of corporate finance on “Agrika Khatri

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