Blockchain Fundamentals & Decentralised Finance (Applications of Smart Contract) Hinglish cover

Blockchain Fundamentals & Decentralised Finance (Applications of Smart Contract) Hinglish

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What is Blockchain?

The finance industry has been raw for change for a long. The centralised systems have been prone to hacks and the way we have to depend on the double accounting system since the 14th Century has to change someday.

Well, here is the change. With technology even bigger than the internet itself and a promise to bring decentralisation and automation, blockchain is the second layer of the internet that enables decentralised finance, new business models, better ways to do business and for someone in the finance world a plethora of new opportunities. This is exactly the right time to understand this technology and if you plan to take the first movers advantage, you are in the right place.

In this course, I will make you aware of the fundamentals of blockchain and I'd take you to the journey of blockchain in a way that will include examples from your daily life to make you understand everything. We will see and understand how things work in a blockchain environment. I'd show you a demo of the bitcoin framework and share with you articles and readings that you'll just love.


What is Decentralised Finance

Blockchain has been a technology that has various applications. To date, the best use of blockchain technology is to reduce intermediaries and costs involved in doing transactions by not needing to trust a third party to do any particular transaction.

This is enabled by smart contracts. Many blockchain solutions like Ethereum, Binance Chain, Cardano (Expected) etc. are coming into the picture and creating automation and a new industry altogether of Decentralised Finance. These smart contracts are not only highly automated but can let you do transactions across the globe and be a part of it.

FINANCE PROFESSIONALS from eminent places like JP Morgan, Goldman, White House, Barclays etc, those who are understanding the opportunity are jumping ships and leaving their high paid jobs to get into Defi. There are no DeFi courses in India, this is one of a kind. If you would want to do it from international teachers, they would ask a minimum of $1500-2000


What Will You Learn In Blockchain?

  • Why is there a need for a technology like a blockchain?
  • The right approach to learning blockchain.
  • Types of blockchain and characteristics of blockchain.
  • Smart contracts 
  • Consensus Mechanisms
  • Forking, ZkP, Hashing, Public-Private Key Cryptography
  • Different types of crypto assets
  • Challenges in implementation of blockchain. 
  • Blockchain for financial professionals.
  • Beautifully explained business models of Blockchain like B-Uber, B-AirBnb, IoT, and Blockchain.


What Will You Learn In Decentralised Finance?

  • Why centralised systems are inefficient.
  • What is Ethereum? (90% of the smart contracts are deployed on Ethereum)
  • What are decentralised Applications?
  • What are custodian and non-custodian wallets.
  • How the world of DeFi is being established.
  • Detailed covering of the infrastructure of DeFi and why is it needed.
  • Stablecoins, Lending and Borrowing, Exchanges, Derivatives, Fund Management, Payments, Insurance.
  • What are Smart Contracts (in brief)
  • All live demos of platforms that are discussed in the course so it's not just theory (it's practical too and it's very cool.)
  • Detailed guide as to how to understand a particular DeFi project.
  • The course will be constantly updated so that you always have all the information. The course also comes with reading material curated after reading thousands of articles and blogs by me so reading and understanding them is a must.
  • I would come online bi-weekly and solve your doubts. (All the details would be uploaded in the Skill91 Application.


Know Your Trainer: CA Aishwary Gupta

  • Aishwary Gupta is a Chartered Accountant and an Executive alum of The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. 
  • In the past, he has worked at American Express and PwC. He had been a nominee of the Finance Visionary Award at Amex, the highest award for a finance professional at Amex. 
  • He is a blockchain consultant on a mission to spread awareness about Blockchain technology and its underlying potential through various courses and a daily newsletter. He is working on empowering finance professionals to learn and understand technologies like RPA and Blockchain. 
  • He is a public speaker and a Blockchain Trainer with in-depth knowledge as well as practical exposure to Blockchain. 
  • He has worked on various blockchain initiatives specifically in cross-border payments, supply chain finance, and the insurance sector, and has a place at various advisory boards with a CXO level network which helps him leverage a tremendous amount of opportunities, venture, and angel capital, and expertise in various domains. 
  • He is associated with BRICS CCI, is a Delegate at Vision India Foundation - a policy think tank that is focused on building nation builders, and is a Harvard Business Review Select Member.
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