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Time Management and Productivity Club

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Instructor: Neeraj Arora

Language: Mixture of Hindi & English

Enrolled Learners: 702

Validity Period: 365 days

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₹299 including 18% GST


  • Video Lectures 
  • 2+ Hours of video content (& Regular Updates)
  • Practical Caselets & Ready-Made Excel Sheets to Plan Your Schedule
  • Quick Nuggets of Practical Motivation
  • 24*7 Access to the Discussion Forum


Throughout our lives, we’re often given a lot of lectures on Motivation, Productivity & the worst of all Time Management. 

Just like you, I have also been lectured, tutored, and sometimes even scolded for not being productive enough.


Do you know what the PROBLEM is?

When it comes to Productivity, we only have “Theoretical Gyaan” & absolutely ZERO Practical Methods to help us make REAL sense of timing our tasks, analyzing the reasons for not achieving those tasks, and finally adopting UNIQUE MENTAL HABITS that can make or break how we manage




How to start your day with a power-packed morning schedule

How to identify and optimize your time slots to get a 150% boost in your upcoming work schedules

Scrolling is the new smoking” - Get rid of the social media trap & boost your work efficiency by 2x

How to get into the mode of “Aag Lag Jaaye Duniyadaari Attitude”!

How can Social Media make you smarter? - Practical insights and workable strategies to flip the current energy drainers out of your life and make you “ACTION-READY”! 

How to train your mind to work on an “AUTO-PILOT” mode without distractions and unnecessary thoughts during your work-hours

How to use “Environmental-props” to identify the various positive & negative “Triggers” and use them to your advantage

How to identify, respond, and assimilate powerful bundles of routines to reach your best potential & 5x your motivation!.



24x7 & Unlimited Access to Discussion Forum where-in you will get a direct response to all your queries and doubts in real-time & straight from Neeraj Sir & Edu91 Team

Chat, Engage, and Network with 500+ students like yourself across India. Discuss your problems and get real-life solutions to inspire and motivate you

Hand-made & ready-to-be deployed “Passbook of Time” to keep an account of your work schedule and remain on-track

Live Doubt Sessions every month to discuss your progress with Neeraj Sir personally!

Discover thought-provoking growth strategies with the most sought-after authors & collaborators on personal growth from India.



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