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Learn & Practise Meditation cover

Learn & Practise Meditation

Instructor: Neeraj Arora

Language: Hinglish

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Meditation For Positive Energy, Relax and Peace

Why Should You Meditate?

Do you want to reduce stress and calm your mind?

Do you want to enjoy the present more instead of getting anxious about the future?

All this is possible with Meditation. Meditation is a simple way to reduce stress, restore your calm and inner peace. While meditation can’t solve all your problems it offers you stillness amid all the chaos.

Meditation helps you in providing positive energy and peace.

What’s best about meditation is anyone can practice it and feel positive changes in life. It’s simple, inexpensive and doesn’t require any special equipment.

Course Objective

Everyone knows the benefits of meditation but still, people can’t practice it. Most people find it difficult to meditate and the reason is we get bored very easily even if it’s sitting idle for only 10 minutes. 

When it’s come to meditation a lot of theoretical knowledge is available and there is a lack of practical guidance & knowledge. 

Everyone is talking about the benefits of mediation but very few people are guiding how to actually start it without getting bored. 

Through this course, I want to give practical guidance to all the students so that they can actually start meditation and bring positive energy and changes in their lives. 

Through this course, you will learn:

  • How to start meditation?
  • How to manage stress and calm your mind?
  • How to increase self-awareness
  • How to be mindfulness 
  • How to focus
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