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Blockchain Fundamentals

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Instructor: CA Aishwary

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The finance industry has been raw for change since long. The centralised systems have been prone to hacks and the way we have to depend on the double accounting system since the 14th Century has to change someday.

Well, here is the change. With technology even bigger than the internet itself and a promise to bring decentralisation and automation, blockchain is the second layer of the internet which enables decentralised finance, new business models, better ways to do business and for someone in the finance world a plethora of new opportunities. This is exactly the right time to understand this technology and if you plan to take the first movers advantage, you are at the right place.

In this course, I will make you aware of the fundamentals of blockchain and I'd take you to the journey of blockchain in a way that will include examples from your daily life to make you understand everything. We will see and understand how things work in a blockchain environment. I'd show you demo of bitcoin framework and share with you articles and readings that you'll just love.

To tell you some of the things which will change in the lives of a financial guy:

a) Jobs of accountants and reconciliations will soon become a thing of the past.

b) The way we do an audit of the sample-based audit will be replaced by an audit of smart contacts which will ensure nearly 100% accuracy.

c) New jobs roles of analytics, functional consultants etc have started to come up.

There is so much to talk and explore. So let's dive in. If you still have questions you have direct access to me.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for:

a) Any person who has a finance background.

b) Students who have no knowledge about what blockchain is.

c) Students who are enthusiastic about future technologies and want to make disruptive moves in future.

d) Professionals who are working in the finance teams, audit firms and anyone who wants to get into this technology.

e) Those who believe they can bring a change.

What will you learn?

You'd learn:

a) Why is there a need for a technology like a blockchain?

b) The right approach to learning blockchain.

c) Types of blockchain and characteristics of blockchain.

d) Smart contracts 

e) Consensus Mechanisms

f) Forking, ZkP, Hashing, Public-Private Key Cryptography

g) Different types of crypto assets

h) Challenges in implementation of blockchain. 

i) Blockchain for financial professionals.

j) Beautifully explained business models of Blockchain like B-Uber, B-AirBnb, IoT and Blockchain.

What will you get?

a) Amazing videos curated keeping in mind people who have literally never even heard of what blockchain is.

b) Live doubt session twice a month so you have the surety that you will get all your doubts answered.

c) Unlimited views (for 365 days)

d) Being. a part of Blockchain Geek Group e) Continuous updates from the Blockchain world.

e) 7-hour video and 30 reading material

f) Certificate of Completion (Verify your certificate- )

g) Certificate Of Completion - You will have to appear an exam and score 55% in that exam to get the certificate.

Consequences of Copying/Buying/Selling/Harming the videos-

  1. Each & every video is COPYRIGHTED.
  2. Any kind of hacking or causing any sort of damage to the videos is a PUNISHABLE offence. You are only allowed to watch the videos till the time they are valid.
  3. It is advisable that you do not share the videos with your friends as at times they try to harm the videos but this act will ultimately put you in trouble. 
  4. Please do NOT try to record the lectures by any other means. If you are found BUYING or SELLING the lectures illegally then you will be liable to pay a heavy amount as compensation and many more legal actions will be taken.

PS: If you see any illegal activities being held in the name of Neeraj Arora Classes or EDU91 or Mock Test Papers, please report to us on 9810113555.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

* Course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.

* No extension will be allowed.

* Fees is non-refundable.

* Course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.

* Course is non-transferrable.

* Course cannot be extended.

Read it carefully-

For technical assistance- call us on 9810113555 or drop a message on our Chatbox

*Price is subject to change without any prior notice.

PS: Price is inclusive of GST.

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