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Art of Reading & Writing Effectively cover

Art of Reading & Writing Effectively

Instructor: Vinamre Kasanaa

Language: Hinglish

Enrolled Learners: 485

Validity Period: 365 days

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₹990 including 18% GST

Master the Essentials of Reading and Writing with Vinamre Kasanaa and Take Your Communication Skills to the Next Level!
  • Trusted by 14000+ Subscribers on YouTube.
  • You will learn how to build a reading habit and generate nonstop writing output to help you advance your Communication, Build Your Proof of Work, And Get Whatever Job You Want.
  • Unlimited Access to 25+ Power-Packed Video Modules on Reading, Idea Generation, Online Writing Tools, and How to Write Like A Pro.
  • 15+ Writing Templates To Deliver Effective Writing
  • Tried-And-Tested Editing Masterclass
  • 7 Day Writing Challenge To Help You Publish Your Writing
  • Access From Multiple Devices (Android, iOS, Web)
  • Taught In Hindi and English Language
  • Certificate of Completion (Verify your certificate- )

I have personally gone through all the modules. Highly Recommended by Neeraj Arora.

But I Already Know How To Read and Write. I Learned It In School...

If school was effective at teaching reading or writing, we would all have careers as professional writers. But we don't.

The truth is, school does a bad job at teaching these skills.

In school, complicated and confusing writing is rewarded. In school, you are graded on your vocabulary and not on your understanding. In school, you are forced to read books but never develop a love for reading. In school, you never fully use the English language beyond your textbooks. In school, you are forced to memorize grammar rules but you still don't improve.

In short, school can get you started, but it can't help you succeed as an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR in the real world.

This course is all about MAKING AN IMPACT with your writing in THE REAL WORLD.

It is about adopting the frameworks and strategies that will help you advance in the areas that really matter such as your EXAMS, JOB, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, AND BEYOND.

You will not only learn writing theory but also learn how to APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN YOUR DAILY LIFE.

What's more? You have access to me and I will guide you through every step of the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • How To Make Reading & Writing Easy: You will learn how to make reading and writing so simple that they become a part of your daily routine
  • How To Never Run Out Of Ideas: I will teach you ways to generate ideas so you always something new and exciting to write about
  • Myths About Grammar & Vocabulary: You will learn the correct way to look at grammar and vocabulary acquisition so it doesn't seem like a task
  • The Right Way To Read: I will teach you the best way to read fiction and non-fiction in a way that is sustainable, fun, and boosts your writing
  • How To Build Your Note-Taking System: Your personalized note-taking system will be the home of all your ideas. You will use this as a bank for all your ideas so that you always have things to write about even when you don't feel like it
  • How To Get Over Your Fears: You will learn how to get over your fear of being judged, having poor vocabulary, and publishing unpolished work. I will teach you the mindset to rid your mind of all fears of what others think about your writing
  • How To Remember What You Read: This technique will help you retain what you have read without taking a lot of notes
  • How To Consume High-Quality Information: Cultivate a high-impact reading list made up of essays, blogs, articles designed to improve your thinking and change how you view the world. This will be your new 'media diet' and will make you a better, clearer writer
  • The Art of Curation: Learn the powerful art of taking someone else's ideas, rewriting them, and building your personal authority
  • Writing Through Prompts: Learn how to use some of the most powerful questions on the internet as inspirations for your own writing routine
  • How To Build A Daily Reading Routine: Strategies include keeping books in every corner of your house, bookmarking essays, and replacing screen time with reading time. All of this will also increase your focus
  • How To Build A Daily Writing Routine: Learn how to manipulate your time, your environment, and your output to ensure you are writing every day
  • The Art of Journalling: Learn the centuries-old technique of understanding yourself better by keeping a journal. This will help you get control over your day through writing with pen and paper
  • Freewriting: Learn the skill that all great writers have that helps them generate outstanding literature, blog posts, and emails. Freewriting will help you come up with first drafts, ease your anxiety, and ultimately build your writing habit
  • How To Use Writing Templates: Learn to package your ideas and structure your writing for various social media platforms using tried-and-tested writing templates.
  • How To Observe The World: Learn how to use all five senses to observe the world so you can write from your own experience. This will be fun for everyone who enjoys exploring markets, parks, and other public places.
  • How To Write And Edit Your First Draft: All theory is wasted if it isn't put into action. Learn my most effective method of generating a first draft quickly, eliminating needless sentences, and converting your first draft into a final draft you can be proud of.
  • 7-Day Writing Challenge: Go from consumption to creation by participating in the 7-day writing challenge. Publish your writing on social media platforms and tag us.

No. of Hours: 2-2.5 Hours Approx

Is This The Right Course For You?

That depends.

You can obviously watch a lot of writing videos on YouTube for free and try to beat your procrastination. You can try to enroll in pointless communication seminars run by people who are clueless about writing themselves. You can try to mug up grammar books and spend time reading outdated material that no longer applies to the real world. You can force yourself to write on your own and watch yourself fail because of a lack of motivation.


You can take a leap of faith. You can end your struggles now. Stop the worrying. Fix your reading and writing problems once and for all.

This course is designed for people of all skill levels and takes you from theory to practice in such a simple manner that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don't wait anymore.

Know Your Trainer: Vinamre Kasanaa (Podcaster and YouTube India's #1 Writing Teacher)

Vinamre Kasanaa teaches writing to over 14,000 people through his YouTube channel 'Shaatir.' His podcasts are regarded as highly engaging and have featured celebrities, YouTubers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and artists. He has helped 20+ young writers secure jobs in content publications, grow their personal brands, and advance in their careers.

Why should I buy this course? Give me a few strong reasons.

Here are at least three reasons.

No one has ever taught writing in the Hinglish language. No one has ever broken down the art of writing into such simple parts that it starts to look like math. No one else from India is making sure that poor grammar and articulation don't stand in the way of you becoming a writer.

No one, except your instructor, Vinamre.

This course guarantees that you master the principles of writing that will help you not only clarify your thoughts but also help you advance in your career.

If there are two superpowers you should invest in 2021, they are reading and writing.

Begin by enrolling in this course.

Let Vinamre take care of the rest.

You won't regret it.

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