Knowledge without experience will never translate into skills

Knowledge in India = How to Memorize Information & Get Rewarded with Marks!

The more information you can recall, the more knowledgeable you are considered.

To get a job you need experience, but education gives you information with NO EXPERIENCE.


The result of all this is that in our country, only about 40% of the educated youth is employable.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise because Niti Aayog - India’s Leading Body for Skill Development has publicly addressed the same challenge in one of their researches back in 2017.

What follows is a never-ending cycle of

Introducing Skill91

Conceptualized by a dynamic and vivacious team behind the success of Edu91 & the support of 10.5 Lakhs students from all walks of life, we present to you Skill 91 - A one-stop destination for imparting industry-focused & marketable skills with 100% emphasis on practical application at super-affordable prices.

We are here to revolutionize the skill development focus in India and empower all our students to start earning immediately by the time they graduate from schools or their colleges.

We understand that skill-building in India is complicated for a variety of reasons and for this purpose all our courses are designed in a way to enhance the following qualities in your personality:

  1. Enhance your technical knowledge according to the latest subject matter including new features, updates, and developments for a particular domain.
  2. Ability to synthesize content that helps you to apply your facts, information, and experience in a practical way.
  3. Benchmark your results in comparison to the latest developments in technology and up-skill yourself to move ahead with the time. Adaptability is your biggest asset.
  4. Finally, the ability to think big by shapeshifting your attitude towards a positive direction and take-up entrepreneurial ventures with the right mindset & confidence to take risks.
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